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BI-Metallic Pipes & Piping Products (CLAD / LINED)

In times where the oil- and gas industry face demanding challenges through highly agressive/corrosive/abrasive media for transportation between well and processing station it has become increasingly important to offer solutions that, on the one side, provide for full resistance against corrosion and/or similar impacts and, on the other side, still play an essential role in cost reduction on a project.


PM Piping supply bi-metallic pipes & piping products, plates and related plate products, mostly comprising of a thicker, pressure containing carbon (CS) and/or low alloy steel (AS) layer and a thinner layer of corrosion resistant alloy for protection of the product from „erosion“ by means of corrosion and/or potentially connected abrasion.


These products are manufactured in various different ways:


PIPES (seamless and/or longitudinally welded) manufactured either

  • From metallurgically roll-bonded plates
  • From metallurgically explosion bonded plates
  • From CS and/or AS pipes with internal weld-overlay metallurgical bonding
  • From CS and/or AS pipes with internal, mechanical bonding

INDUCTION BENDS with radii starting 3D and up, manufactured from

  • Pipes with metallurgical cladding only

PIPES and INDUCTION BENDS are normally supplied in diameters starting 6“ with the diameters mostly going up to 36“, wall thicknesses normally starting at 10mm (for the CS and/or AS) with the CRA layer being min. 3mm thick. These parameters can be changed, larger diameters are possible and thicker layers of CRA can be applied on request.



  • With metallurgical bonding by means of weld-overlay cladding


  • With metallurgical bonding by means of internal weld-overlay cladding

FITTINGS & FLANGES and VALVES are normally supplied in diameters starting 4“ and going as high as 60“, other diameters are available on request.



  • With metallurgical roll-bonded cladding
  • With metallurgical explosion bonded cladding


  • Manufactured from metallurgical clad plate raw material

PLATES are normally supplied in „base material“ (CS and/or AS) thicknesses starting at 10mm going up to 120mm and normally have clad layers of min. 3mm thickness. The plate width is available up to 3.8 meter and the maximum plate length is 12.4 meter with the maximum weight being 20 metric tons.

DISHED ENDS / ELLIPSOIDAL HEADS / CONES are normally supplied with „base material“ (CS and/or AS) thicknesses of max. 120mm and diameters of up to 10 meter (with one or more welds).



Special 3-layer claddings can also be offered on request.