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Power Generation

Power Generation projects are very demanding.
On-time delivery, technical integrity, functionality and attention to every detail are the keys to successful completion of Power Generation projects.  The products supplied by PM Piping require stringent testing and inspection through the duration of manufacturing.
PM Piping uses its experience and well known network of manufacturing and quality partners to achieve the required end results.
As well as pipes, all piping materials are provided by PM Piping:

  • Heavy wall pipes (seamless and welded), material grades as low alloy and high alloy carbon steels (P91, P92), grades for high temperature and/or high pressure applications (Nickel alloys as Alloy601, Alloy625, Alloy800, Alloy825, Alloy617), all Ni-Cr CRA materials

In addition to piping products, PM Piping are also able to supply a range of additional, complex and engineered items such as:

  • Pressure vessels and components like caps, manifolds, o’lets, etc.
  • Heat exchanger tubes
  • Fittings and flanges
  • Machined and bored pipes
  • Buckle arrestors
  • Pig launchers & receivers
  • Sphere Tees
  • Insulation joints
  • Strainers
  • Anchor flanges

All services are supported: low pressure, mid pressure, high pressure lines, cryogenic service etc.
Of course PM Piping also takes care of all logistic requirements including warehousing for complex projects with multiple delivery destinations and difficult marking requirements (stencilling, stamping, bar codes and colour coding).