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Efficiency and reliability are essential criteria for the successful completion of any project.
To put the main objectives into perspective: All projects have to be completed within set commercial frames and the time schedule committed to without loss of efficiency whilst solving typical problems that can arise.
This statement is not meant to be controversial but without putting it into effect, it is just a promise which customers are often confronted with.
But how can this be achieved? What are the capabilities required of a supplier to be able to cope with these requirements?
In our opinion, based on experience gained from numerous projects and lessons learnt, the selected supplier requires:

  • Dedicated material supply chains
  • In depth product knowledge
  • Experience in negotiating long term supply contracts with manufacturers
  • Logistics expertise
  • Technical knowledge of material grades as well as manufacturers capabilities

The PM Piping Team brings all of these disciplines to projects. However, these disciplines on their own are no guarantee of the successful execution of material supplies to a project. The final element that PM Piping delivers, is an entire, wholly dedicated team of specialists!
Flexibility and the ability to adapt to project requirements are one of the major characteristics of our organization. Above all, understanding and meeting customers’ needs and requirements, however complex, combined with the supply of quality products, is paramount to PM Piping´s Code of Conduct.